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Who are us? Deliverance from evil spirits - exorcism - inner healing - encumbered ascendance - open doors - all you want to know on these questions on the I.A.D. site (International Association for Deliverance)


      This is a presentation within the Roman Catholic Church by its author, but not by virtue of a particular mandate confided to him by the Church to make the association known.

I Why the I.A.D ?

1°) The ministry of deliverance

a) Present day urgencies

      A lot of our young people are affected by different aspects of a culture of death.

      A lot of youth are wounded by very difficult circumstances of life : broken families, childhood wounds that sometimes begin in the womb.

      A lot of youth are seduced and solicited by occultism; they take part in new unknown experiences.

      A lot of youth are victims of encumbered ascendency, of which they bear the consequences , mysteriously, according the the law of heredity, by presenting specific symptoms.

      A lot of youth suffer from evils that sometimes take on the aspect of psychological troubles, but which doctors are unable to cure or alleviate.

b) Insufficient answers

      Competent persons are too few in number. The charismatic renewal is overwhelmed with requests and is unable to give personal answers to all the demands, whence collective sessions or retreats for healing. Al sorts of centers to accompany people give appointments as far as a year in advance and cannot answer urgencies.

2°) Formation

a) Its lack

      There are few philosophical and theological centers, apart from the sessions that are organized from time to time on a particular subject by different groups. These formations are more of the "informative" type than of the "formative" one.

      A theology of deliverance, elaborated from a theology of the Church and that integrates the new problems like that of being a medium, paranormal phenonema, etc. is practically inexistant.

b) Publications

      Almost all of the publications are written from experiences or testimonies. Very few elaborate a theology of deliverance. The answer offered is not adapted because of the new problems encountered today and because of the ever growing demand.

3°) The answer of the I.A.D. ?

a) Urgencies

      The vocation of the I.A.D is not to find new ministers to handle deliverance. It does not pretend to be the site for an immediate answer, but to be a site for the formation of those who must answer immediately.

b) The answers

      We are not rivals of what already exists, only an additional tool to give a reply to the new demands of the present and to provide further reflection: the problems of being mediums, of open doors etc... and this starting with an theological anthropology capable of discerning the new problems that come up.

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II What is the I.A.D. ?

1°) An association under the French law of 1901

      The association was founded in the 1990ties to answer the urgencies first of all by theological reflection. The structure of the association is sufficiently light so as not to weigh down upon its members.

2°) The members

      They are exorcists, priest practicing the ministry of deliverance, lay people who accompany or therapists. On the other hand, there are also witnesses that have suffered from these evils and have found an answer to them, a healing, a liberation.

3°) Its activities

      They can be summed up essentially by the colloquies organised by the association every two years. These gatherings are the occasion for theological refection, for the exchange of experiences and information, of fraternal life, of liturgical celebrations, but in no case do they become the place where the different ministries concerning deliverance are put into practice.

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